pregnant girl power role models

whale rider    –>   pregnant!

I found this article informing me that Keisha Castle-Hughes, the tomboyish preteen star of Whale Rider (2003) is pregnant and expecting to deliver this spring.  She has a boyfriend who is 19 years old, and she will be turning 17 this year.  Somehow I can’t comprehend the fact that a celebrity younger than me–especially not the prepubescent role model for girl power we saw in Whale Rider–is going to be a mother soon.  I know that no one nowadays wants to judge anyone else for their choices, but this just rubs me the wrong way–this could be disastrous not only to her personal life, but also to her career.

The irony, of course, is that she is playing the Virgin Mary in the upcoming The Nativity Story.

nativity story - the virgin mary

4 responses to “pregnant girl power role models

  1. hi pregnant role models

  2. if she preggithats wrong. I mean shes too yung 2 b wit a child. She hasnt been 2 college has she?????(except the movie)

  3. my message was bout raven symone

  4. wat the world has come23

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